The ShoeTizer
shoetizer shoe sanitizing smart mat
Stop contaminating your floors and air with dangerous pathogens
Disinfect your shoe soles in seconds by using the ShoeTizer ®
One step kills over 99% of bacteria and viruses (including Covid19)
Help us prevent dangerous contamination and keep people safe
The ShoeTizer is powered by our patented SmartFlo technology
SmartFlo sensors maintain a perfect saturation level at all times
The ShoeTizer always stays ready to disinfect your shoes at a moment's notice
shoetizer foam pad
Removable foam wet pad soaks your shoe soles with EPA-certified disinfectant
Patented SmartFlo technology maintains perfect saturation so the ShoeTizer is always ready for use
High-tech foam design evenly distributes disinfectant throughout the pad
shoetizer shoe sanitizing station
Quick-drying microfiber dry pad removes excess liquid from shoes
Designed with special anti-microbial weave to maintain superior hygiene
Reusable, removable, and machine-washable
shoetizer shoe disinfecting liquid
Replaceable disinfectant cartridge lasts up to 45 days with standard usage
Powered with long-lasting, rechargeable lithium battery
Automatic Sleep Mode and Ultra Low Power Processor creates maximum energy efficiency

Welcome to the New Era of

Shoe Hygiene

shoe disinfecting mat
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