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As our world continues to urbanize and globalize, the danger posed by infectious diseases continues to grow. Pathogens are becoming more resilient, more contagious, and more dangerous. ShoeTizer was created to protect people from one of the most common methods of transmission in today's world: shoe soles.


ShoeTizer was founded by Dillon George, a Tennessee-based entrepreneur, husband, and father of four. Dillon and his wife have long maintained a strict "shoes-off" policy in their house, but in 2019 he got curious about shoe-borne germs and began doing his own independent research about the topic.

Dillon was shocked by what he learned. The science of shoe contamination is clear: shoes are a major source of transmission for bacteria and viruses in the modern world. He quickly realized that trying to make sure everyone takes their shoes off at home just isn't enough.

What about guests, children, and contractors? What about places where you can't take off your shoes—like the workplace, doctor's offices, gyms, or in the car?

Thus the ShoeTizer, the world's first comprehensive solution for shoe contamination and shoe-borne pathogens, was born.

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Board of Scientific Advisors
Dr. David F. Levine
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Scientific Advisor
Colin Looney, M.D.
Bone and Joint Institute of Tennessee
Medical Advisor
Dr. Henry Spratt
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Microbiology Advisor
"Our mission is to create a safer world for families by eliminating the danger of shoe-borne pathogens."
Dillon George


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Those nearly-new Tom Ford dress shoes or vintage Nike sneakers, while a great deal, can introduce allergens and harmful pathogens into our living spaces.

Mold and Shoes: Everything You Need to Know

Our shoe soles provide the ideal environment for these unwanted visitors to flourish. They absorb moisture and organic materials like fecal matter, which provides a perfect little petri dish for molds and pathogens of all kinds. Every step we take, we spread these dastardly passengers in our wake.

Why You Should Disinfect Your Shoes at the Door

Building a healthier, cleaner life begins right at your doorstep.

Why You Should Regularly Disinfect your Shoe Soles

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The ShoeTizer

Shoe Sanitizing Smart Mat

shoe disinfecting mat
  • Sanitizes + disinfects your shoe soles in seconds
  • Forms protective film on shoe soles that lasts for hours
  • Protects vulnerable people from avoidable illness and infection
  • Kills over 99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi (including Covid19)
  • Reduces floor contamination and airborne pathogens
  • Peace of mind for families, care providers, and employers