Frequently Asked Questions
How does the ShoeTizer work?

The ShoeTizer uses our patented technology to fully saturate a foam disinfecting pad with an EPA-certified disinfectant. The device uses smart sensors to maintain an optimal saturation level in the foam pad, which ensures maximum efficacy with minimal waste while the device is in use.

How do I use a ShoeTizer?

Using the ShoeTizer is easy!  

If the device is already on, simply step onto the foam pad and allow the disinfectant to saturate your shoe soles. Then step onto the microfiber pad to dab the excess liquid off your shoes. Step off the ShoeTizer with a protective seal on your shoes that kills germs for hours on contact, and enjoy the rest of your day.  

What makes the ShoeTizer a "smart" device?

The ShoeTizer uses smart sensors to monitor the saturation level of the wet pad and make sure each usage is effective without wasting any disinfectant.  This patented technology allows every 32oz pouch of disinfectant to provide a family of four with sanitized shoes for a month or disinfect up to 600 shoes when used back-to-back.

If desired, the ShoeTizer can use your Wi-Fi connection to receive updates to improve usage and give you the ability to monitor disinfectant levels, device usage, and access to other features.

Does it eliminate Coronavirus?

Yes, the disinfectant used by ShoeTizer is certified by the EPA as effective for eliminating Coronavirus on contact.

How long do I need to stand on it?

The disinfectant begins killing pathogens on contact. It just takes a few seconds to dab your feet in the pad and make sure the shoe soles get well-saturated. Then just dry them off and go!

What disinfectant does the ShoeTizer use?

ShoeTizer uses a type of quaternary ammonium disinfectant which is commonly used in products like Clorox Wipes and Swiffer Wet Jet. The specific type of disinfectant and its concentration is specified on each refill cartridge.  

How long does a ShoeTizer refill cartridge last?

When used as directed, the ShoeTizer should provide a family of four with disinfected shoes for at least one month.  If the ShoeTizer is used in rapid succession (back-to-back usages) you can expect about 600 shoes to be sanitized before a replacement pouch is needed.

What if I have mud or excessive dirt on my shoes?

The ShoeTizer is not intended for mud or dirt removal. It is a shoe disinfecting mat—not a shoe washing mat. Please remove excess dirt or mud from your shoes before using the ShoeTizer.

Can I use the ShoeTizer to sanitize my feet?

The ShoeTizer is not designed to be used directly with the human body. Shoes only, please!

How do I clean the pads?

Pad maintenance is simple. The antimicrobial microfiber pad can be easily removed and washed in your typical laundry machine. Gentle/light cycle is all that’s necessary. For drying, we recommend line dry or laying it flat to dry.

The sanitizing wet pad is made from disposable open-cell foam. We recommend that you replace it whenever you replace the disinfectant cartridge (usually about once a month) to keep it looking fresh.

What if the sanitizing Wet Pad starts to look dirty?

Don’t worry! Any dirt or debris that gets tracked onto the pad does not spoil the device—that pad is going to remain sanitary no matter what you do.  Over time, however, the pad will begin to accrue debris or dirt and may lose some of its visual appeal. At that time, you can easily replace it with a new pad.  All foam pads are disposable, just like a Swiffer mop pad.

The ShoeTizer

Shoe Sanitizing Smart Mat

shoe disinfecting mat
  • Sanitizes + disinfects your shoe soles in seconds
  • Forms protective film on shoe soles that lasts for hours
  • Protects vulnerable people from avoidable illness and infection
  • Kills over 99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi (including Covid19)
  • Reduces floor contamination and airborne pathogens
  • Peace of mind for families, care providers, and employers
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