All things hygiene, shoe sanitation, and clean living.


How (and Why) to Disinfect Used Shoes

Those nearly-new Tom Ford dress shoes or vintage Nike sneakers, while a great deal, can introduce allergens and harmful pathogens into our living spaces.

Mold and Shoes: Everything You Need to Know

Our shoe soles provide the ideal environment for these unwanted visitors to flourish. They absorb moisture and organic materials like fecal matter, which provides a perfect little petri dish for molds and pathogens of all kinds. Every step we take, we spread these dastardly passengers in our wake.

Why You Should Disinfect Your Shoes at the Door

Building a healthier, cleaner life begins right at your doorstep.

Why You Should Regularly Disinfect your Shoe Soles

Regularly disinfecting your shoe soles is not just a matter of cleanliness, but a crucial step in maintaining a healthy living environment.

A New Era of Shoe Hygiene
shoe disinfecting mat

Everywhere we go, we leave dangerous germs and viruses in our footsteps. The science is clear—our shoes are one of the most dangerous sources of contamination and illness in today's world.

The Shoetizer is a ground-breaking product that disinfects and sanitizes your shoes in seconds.

Powered by an EPA-registered disinfectant, the Shoetizer eradicates over 99% of harmful bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. Afterward the device leaves a protective shield on your shoes that kills germs and pathogens for hours.

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