Why the World Needs a Shoetizer

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Why the World Needs a Shoetizer

Shoes are nasty. We all know it—even if we don’t think about it very often.

You know better than to put your shoes on your kitchen counter, or to kick them up on the dinner table. You don’t place them on your bathroom sink, or stand with them on your bed.

But it’s not just because they simply have dirt on them. After all, even if the bottom of your shoes don’t look dirty, you still know instinctively that it’s a bad idea to let them touch important surfaces.

Shoe bacteria and other shoe-borne pathogens are dangerous. Especially if you don’t sanitize or disinfect your shoes on a regular basis.

Facts on Shoe Bacteria

You probably know that the bottom of your shoes are unsanitary. But the extent of their contamination will probably blow your mind, unless you’ve done significant research on this already.

The science of shoe contamination is very clear: we’re tracking around dangerous germs with every every step we take. Bad shoe hygiene is making us sick.

shoe bacteria
Scientific research tells us that over 96% of regularly worn shoes have E. Coli on them

Due to the porous material they’re made with, shoes act like magnets for bacteria. That same material that gives them grip makes them the perfect environment to cultivate bacteria. Plus, all organic matter that you walk through during the day serves as food for the bacteria present on your shoes.

Here are some mind-blowing facts about shoe germs for you:

Are you grossed out yet?

A Shoe Sanitizer is Desperately Needed

Shoe-borne germs are a serious problem. A problem that we’ve known about for many years. But there’s still one bigger problem—there’s never been an effective solution for reliably sanitizing your shoes before!

In fact, a 2017 study literally concluded that “a high prevalence of microbiological pathogens was identified on shoe soles… [but] an effective decontamination strategy for shoe soles was not identified.”

The scientific community is clear about shoes transmitting dangerous pathogens, and has been searching for an effective shoe sanitizing solution for years. That’s why we created the Shoetizer.

The Shoetizer is the world's first Shoe Sanitizing Smart Mat

A Shoe Sanitizing Smart Mart

Are you finally ready for some good news?

Our team has been working on this problem since 2019. And we’re finally ready to introduce the solution to the world.

The Shoetizer is the world’s first shoe sanitizing smart mat. In just a few seconds, the device fully santizes the bottom of your shoes and applies a germ-killing shield that lasts for up to 24 hours. Using the Shoetizer is one of the most effective, sustainable ways to prevent floor contamination and reduce airborne pathogens in any space.

shoe sanitizer

Using the device is so simple.

First, disinfect your shoes by standing on the Wet Pad.

Second, dab your shoes dry on the antibacterial Dry Pad.

Third, enjoy lasting defense against germs on your shoes for up to 24 hours.

And here’s the coolest part—your shoes will actually disinfect the floor with every step you take afterward, as long as the residue remains.

The Shoetizer is coming to market in September 2023. Pre-orders will be available soon!

A New Era of Shoe Hygiene
shoe disinfecting mat

Everywhere we go, we leave dangerous germs and viruses in our footsteps. The science is clear—our shoes are one of the most dangerous sources of contamination and illness in today's world.

The Shoetizer is a ground-breaking product that disinfects and sanitizes your shoes in seconds.

Powered by an EPA-registered disinfectant, the Shoetizer eradicates over 99% of harmful bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2. Afterward the device leaves a protective film on your shoes that kills germs and pathogens on contact for up to 24 hours.